Clinical Psychology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Assistants

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  • Sarah Carter

    Sarah Carter

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD and reactions to stress, suicide, military couples, social support, romantic relationships


  • Annamarie Defayette

    Annamarie Defayette

    adolescence, suicide, self-regulatory processes, prevention and intervention

  • Jennifer DiMauro

    Jennifer DiMauro

    Clinical Psychology: psychopathological responses to trauma


  • Annie M. Ledoux

    Annie M. Ledoux

    Clinical Psychology: Clinical Psychology: trauma, romantic relationships, health psychology, military and veteran populations


  • Sarah Thomas

    Sarah Thomas

    Clinical Psychology: PTSD, couples, military psychology, interpersonal impacts of psychopathology


  • Emma D Whitmyre

    Emma D Whitmyre

    Clinical Psychology: Adolescent mental health and risky behavior, suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation, intervention work for at-risk adolescents, assessment of service use