Dr. Esposito-Smythers is not accepting a new graduate student for Fall 2023. 

The Lab for Adolescent Mental Health Promotion (AMHP), directed by Dr. Esposito-Smythers, encompasses three lines of research. One is to develop and test evidence-based cognitive-behavioral interventions in the context of randomized clinical trials, with a focus on interventions for adolescent suicidal behavior, depression, and substance abuse. Acknowledging the very important role that parents/guardians can play in their child’s recovery, all of this intervention work incorporates adolescents as well as their parents/guardians. We also examine the mechanisms that underlie improvement in the context of these interventions (i.e., what works for whom and under what conditions). Building upon this work, our second line of research falls within the area of dissemination and implementation science. This includes training the clinical community in evidence-based interventions and testing them in community settings. We also engage in research on the implementation of measurement-based care (i.e., using personalized evidence-based assessments to guide treatment planning) in community mental health settings. Finally, we conduct basic research to better understand risk factors and social-cognitive processes that underlie adolescent suicidality, substance abuse, and other high risk behaviors.


To learn more about our current work, please see this video here!



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