In an effort to increase the availability of high quality, evidence-based behavioral health interventions for children and youth in Fairfax County, Healthy Minds Fairfax, INOVA and George Mason University Department of Psychology have partnered to establish a new training consortium.

Clinicians who participate in the training consortium will have access to high-quality training (with CEU’s) in thecore Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical-Behavioral skills needed to treat a range of mental health conditions, substance abuse, and high-risk behaviors, including suicidality. With community input, the treatment protocol that will be used has been tailored to Fairfax County clinicians and to the treatment population seen in Fairfax.

The trainings emphasize:

  • Evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents
  • Modularized treatment modalities, case conceptualization and treatment planning work
  • Use of weekly assessment measures with child and adolescent clients

Expanding the capacity of Fairfax County’s public and private mental health treatment community to offer evidence-based behavioral health treatment to children, youth and families.

This process involves:

  • Monitoring of child and adolescent client weekly progress
  • Bi-weekly supervision calls
  • Additional supplemental trainings, covering substance abuse, FISP, trauma, etc.
  • Certification processes 


Why Evidence-Based Practice?

Many different treatment approaches are used to help youth with mental health and substance abuse problems. Research shows some treatments work better than others for specific problems. Treatments that have scientific evidence supporting use are called evidence-based treatments (EBTs). Treatments are compared in clinical trials with dozens to hundreds of children with similar types of problems. As more studies are done and find support, evidence for that EBT grows. Often there is more than one EBT for a given problem or set of problems. The goal of our consortium is to promote the use of evidence-based treatment by providing free training to clinicians in our community.


Partnering with Fairfax County

In exchange for access to low-cost/no cost training, participating private clinicians will consider becoming contracted Behavioral Health providers with Healthy Minds Fairfax (CSA, STBH). Private providers can also consider participating in the pro-bono therapy initiative, Give an Hour, serving Fairfax County children, youth and families.