Directory Overview

Below is a list of the behavioral health providers in Fairfax County who have reached "Provider Status" for providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to youth and families. Providers reach this status through the Fairfax Consortium for Evidence-Based Practice. Please click on the box to the right hand side that says "Provider Directory" for the contact information for each provider. 

Provider Age Range
Amanda Kelsheimer, LMHP-S Child (6-12)
Anastasia Watson, LPC Child (6-12)
Caroline Cook, LPC, ATR-BC Child and Adolescent (6-17)
Caroline Phan, LCSW Child (6-12)
Cheryl Wietz, LCSW Adolescent (12-17)
Cynthia Agbayani, PhD, LPC Adolescent (12-17)
David Edelman, LCSW Child (6-12)
Hadley Corcoran, LCSW Child and Adolescent (6-17)
Joaquin Perez, LCSW Adolescent (12-17)
Johnathan Stone, LPC Adolescent (12-17)
Laurie Best, LPC Adolescent (12-17)
Megan Lyons Strause, Psy.D. Adolescent (12-17)
Menetta Myers, Psy.D. Adolescent (12-17)
Michael Axler, Psy.D. Adolescent (12-17)

The CBT protocol used by the above therapists include:

For adolescents: The Core Competency Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CC-CBT) protocol integrates cognitive and behavioral techniques to address adolescent suicidal ideation/behavior, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, disruptive behavior). This treatment includes work with adolescents and their families.

For children: The Modular Approach to Therapy for Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, or Conduct Problems (MATCH-ADTC) protocol integrates cognitive and behavioral techniques to address common childhood behavioral health concerns, including depression, anxiety, conduct problems, and trauma. This treatment includes work with children and their families.