Working with Dr. Fischer

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Associate Professor, Clinical Program

Ph.D. University of Kentucky, Lexington, 2006

The focus of my program of research is on personality traits and psychosocial factors influencing the co-morbidity and maintenance of addictive behavior patterns. Specifically, my research investigates how different aspects of the broad trait impulsivity affect substance use and eating disordered behavior, such as binge eating and purging. I am especially interested in how the personality trait of impulsivity affects these behaviors in the context of negative mood states and in conjunction with outcome expectancies for addictive behaviors. A second interest is in mindfulness based interventions, as they may be particularly relevant for harmful behaviors that occur in the context of emotion dysregulation.

Current Research

Dr. Fischer's lab is currently conducting a study on how performance on laboratory tasks which assess impulsivity is altered under varying mood conditions, and how these alterations are associated with eating behavior. Dr. Fischer is currently finishing a study on how stress influences limbic system response to food cues with her colleagues at UGA. Please check this website for updates about current projects