Jerome Short

Jerome Short

Jerome Short

Associate Professor

Well-being; exercise; sleep; physical health and longevity; social support; self-compassion; mental health apps; and help-seeking.

Professor Short is a licensed clinical psychologist and conducts research on the prevention of psychological disorders and the promotion of mental health for college students and older adults. He has written a self-published book entitled Psychological Fitness that describes daily cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal exercises to improve mental health and decrease psychological symptoms. He has tested the effectiveness of different psychological exercises in various psychological interventions with children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults.

He has taught over 200 course sections to more than 4,000 students during the past 33 years at GMU. He has chaired 22 completed dissertations by his doctoral student advisees. His courses focus on understanding, assessing, treating, and preventing psychological disorders and increasing mental health and well-being. He formerly served as the Director of the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program and also as the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in Psychology. He received the Psychology Department's Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Award in 2018.

He is maintaining a list of doctoral externships in Clinical Psychology for the Washington, DC area.

Dr. Short does not plan to accept a new PhD student advisee for the Fall 2025 semester. 

Current Research

Spring 2024 - Daily Sleep and Exercise Study (7 credits). Aim: Understand daily patterns of health behaviors and psychological well-being over 5 weeks. Go to GMU Sona Systems to join the study. I will email a link to the first survey (worth 1 credit) on Monday, March 18. Then you will get emails each morning and evening for brief surveys for 8 days (.5 credits per day and 4 total credits) that take about 5 to 10 minutes each from Wednesday, March 20 to March 27. I will email follow-up survey links two weeks and four weeks after the daily surveys (1 credit each for 2 total credits) on Monday, April 1 and April 15. 

Co-Principal Investigator for Mason Health Starts Here a longitudinal study of First-Year Students' Mental and Physical Health. Aim: Understand patterns of health behaviors and psychological well-being over four years of college and one year post-college.

My current doctoral student advisees are Jeremy Maciarz, Patricia Mejia, Thomas Deakin, Beth Foote, Margaret Webb, and Eleanor Speidel.

Selected Publications

*Denotes students under my supervision.

Rana, Z. H., Frankenfeld, C. L., de Jonge, L., Kennedy, E. J., Bertoldo, J., Short, J. L., & Cheskin, L. J. (2021). Dietary intake and representativeness of a diverse college-attending population compared with an age matched US population. Nutrients, 13(11), 3810.

Cuellar, A. E., Adams, L. M., ... Short, J. L., ... Cheskin, L. J. (2021). Protocol for the Mason: Health Starts Here prospective cohort study of young adult college students. BMC Public Health, 21:897. Download article.

Fields, J. B., *Lameira, D. M., Short, J. L., Merrigan, J. M., Gallo, S., White, J. B., & Jones, M. T. (2021). Relationship between external load and self-reported wellness measures across a men's collegiate soccer preseason. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 35(5), 1182-1186. DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000003997  Download abstract.

*Disabato, D. J., Short, J. L., *Lameira, D. M., *Bagley, K. D., & *Wong, S. J. (2018). Predicting help seeking behavior: The impact of knowing someone close who has sought help. Journal of American College HealthDOI:10.1080/07448481.2018.1440568 Download article.

*Disabato, D. J., Kashdan, T. B., Short, J. L., & Jarden, A. (2017). What predicts positive life events that influence the course of depression? A longitudinal examination of gratitude and meaning in life. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 41(3), 444-458. Download article.

*Disabato, D. J., Goodman, F. R., Kashdan, T. B., Short, J .L., & Jarden, A. (2016). Different types of well-being? A cross-cultural examination of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Psychological Assessment, 28(5), 471-482. Download article.

*Machell, K.A., Kashdan, T.B., Short, J.L., & Nezlek, J.B. (2015). Relationships between meaning in life, social and achievement events, and positive and negative affect in daily life. Journal of Personality, 83(3), 287-298. Download article.

*Wagner, D.C., & Short, J.L. (2014). Longitudinal predictors of self-rated health and mortality in older adults. Preventing Chronic Disease, 11:130241, 1-8. Download article.

*Erb, S.E., Renshaw, K.D., Short, J.L., & Pollard, J.W. (2014). The importance of college roommate relationships: A review and systemic conceptualization. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 51(1), 43-55. Download article.

Short, J.L. (2012). Psychological fitness for older adults: A pilot intervention. Seniors Housing & Care Journal, 20(1), 71-84. Download article.

Courses Taught

PSYC 321 - Clinical Psychology

PSYC 408 - Psychological Fitness

PSYC 810 - Psychological Assessment I

PSYC 811 - Psychological Assessment II

PSYC 885 - Clinical Externship


Ph.D., Arizona State University

Recent Presentations

Short, J.L. (2021, February). Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression During the Pandemic. Fairfax Virtual Center for Active Adults; Addresses to Staff and Adult Participants. Fairfax, VA.

Short, J.L., & Wagner, D.C. (2019, October). Ten Advantages of Aging for Psychological Health. GMU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Reston, VA.

Short, J.L. (2019, February). Psychological Fitness. The Shepherd's Center of Oakton/Vienna, Oakton, VA.

Short, J.L. (2016, October). Memory, Mood, Mild Activity, and Longevity. Greenspring Village; Address to Residents and Staff of a Retirement Community, Springfield, VA.

Short, J.L. (2015, October). Ten Advantages of Aging for Psychological Health. GMU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Fairfax, VA.

Short, J.L. (2015, June). Practicing Life Boosting Skills. Greenspring Village; Workshop for Residents of a Retirement Community, Springfield, VA.

Short, J.L. (2014, October)Ten Advantages of Aging for Psychological Health. GMU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Sterling, VA. 

Short, J.L.  (2013, April). Practicing a Healthy Mindfulness. Greenspring Village; Address to Residents and Staff of a Retirement Community, Springfield, VA.

Short, J.L.  (2012, May). Brief Evidence-Based Psychotherapy for Palliative Care. Capital Caring; Address to Hospice Social Workers and Counselors, Falls Church, VA.

Short, J.L.  (2012, January). Psychological Fitness. Fairfax County Public Schools; Address to School Psychologists, Counselors, and Social Workers, Fairfax, VA. 

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Dissertations Supervised

Diane Lameira, The Role of Self-compassion in the Relationships among Personality Traits, Health Behaviors, and Daily Mood (2020)

David Disabato, A Closer Look at the Measurement of Well-being: Methodological and Statistical Issues (2018)

Kyla Machell, Adolescent Well-Being: The Role of Life Events and Grit (2016)

Diane Wagner, The Role of Negative Cognitions in Depression, Functional Limitations, and Activity: A National Longitudinal Study of Older Adults (2015)

Sarah Elizabeth Erb, The Role of Roommate Relationships and Family of Origin Functioning in Students’ Mental Health and College Adjustment Outcomes (2013)

Lucy Buchholz Leibowitz, The Influence of Daily Hassles, Maternal Attributions, Optimism, and Child Symptoms on the Mental Health of Mothers of Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (2013)