Graduate Assistants

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  • Thomas Deakin

    Thomas Deakin

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Anna Defayette

    Anna Defayette

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Clinical Psychology: adolescence, suicide, acute stress, translational research


  • Sasha Flowers

    Sasha Flowers

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    equity-informed implementation science, barriers to culturally responsive evidence-based practice delivery, cultural humility of clinicians, authentic therapeutic relationships, mindfulness, interoceptive awareness

  • Beth M Foote

    Beth M Foote

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Abby Fry

    Abby Fry

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Sarah T. Giff

    Sarah T. Giff

    Graduate Research Assistant

    PTSD, trauma, couples, parenting, families, emotion socialization, military psychology, interpersonal impacts of psychopathology


  • Rafael Hernández Dubon

    Rafael Hernández Dubon

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Latinx psychology, addiction, substance use, systems of oppression, spirituality, religiosity, parent-child interactions, culturally enhancing assessment, and interventions.

  • Cristopher Lance Hinagpis

    Cristopher Lance Hinagpis

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Social Support, Social Constraint, Chronic Pain, Psychological Well-Being, Stress


  • Katherine D Maultsby

    Katherine D Maultsby

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Patricia Mejia

    Patricia Mejia

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Physical Health; Exercise; Physiology; Behavioral Interventions; Distress Disorders; Scientist-Practitioner-Activism; Cultural Humility

  • Leo Augustus Miller

    Leo Augustus Miller

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Eating disorders, Alcohol and Substance Use, Treatment Innovation, LGBTQ, Minority Stress, Gender Dysphoria, Underrepresented Communities, fMRI, Transdiagnostic Mechanisms, Scholar-Activist


  • Kevin C Ramseur II

    Kevin C Ramseur II

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Gendered Racism; Mental Health Equity; Qualitative Research; CBPR

  • Irene Regalario

    Irene Regalario

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Clinical Psychology: health and stress, chronic health illness adjustment, health behaviors, caregiver stress

  • Mary Ryan (Fesalbon)

    Mary Ryan (Fesalbon)

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Kristina Marisa Volgenau

    Kristina Marisa Volgenau

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Psychological Well-being, Health Behaviors, Biological Mechanisms


  • Maggie Webb

    Maggie Webb

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Self perception, future thinking, vividness of thought, delinquency, recidivism, suicide, depression, brief interventions

  • Emma D Whitmyre

    Emma D Whitmyre

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Clinical Psychology: Adolescent mental health and risky behavior, suicidal ideation, intervention work for at-risk adolescents, assessment of service use