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  • Leah M Adams

    Leah M Adams

    Associate Professor

    Psychosocial aspects of adapting to chronic disease and/or traumatic injury; HIV risk & prevention among high-risk groups; Health equity & reducing health disparities


  • Lauren B Cattaneo

    Lauren B Cattaneo

    Associate Professor

    empowerment, resilience, community-based learning, transformative education, civic engagement, intimate partner violence, survivor-centered services

  • Tara Chaplin

    Tara Chaplin


    Associate Professor

    Emotion regulation and the development of psychopathology and substance use in adolescence; Parent-focused interventions; Bio-psycho-social models of emotion



  • Christianne Esposito-Smythers

    Christianne Esposito-Smythers


    adolescent suicide, adolescent substance abuse, development of cognitive behavioral prevention and intervention programs for adolescent mental health problems


  • Sarah Fischer

    Sarah Fischer

    Associate Professor

    personality traits and psychosocial factors influencing the co-morbidity and maintenance of addictive behavior patterns


  • James E Maddux

    James E Maddux

    Emeritus Faculty

    Maddux's major scholarly interest is the interface of social, clinical, and health psychology, which is concerned with the ways that theory and research from social psychology can help us understand psychological adjustment, psychological disorders, and health-related behavior.

  • Robyn Mehlenbeck

    Robyn Mehlenbeck


    adolescent, medical, eating, diabetes


  • Keith D Renshaw

    Keith D Renshaw


    Anxiety, stress/trauma reactions, and interpersonal relationships; scalable solutions to promote mental health


  • Amanda L Sanchez

    Amanda L Sanchez

    Assistant Professor

    Culturally responsive care; reducing mental health disparities; community-engagement, equity-informed implementation science

  • Jerome Short

    Jerome Short

    Associate Professor

    Well-being; exercise; sleep; physical health and longevity; social support; self-compassion; mental health apps; and help-seeking.


  • June P Tangney

    June P Tangney

    Distinguished University Professor

    * Moral Emotions and Cognitions, Self-Control, Helpful and Harmful Psychotherapy, Computer-Assisted Jail-based Interventions, Substance Misuse * Values and virtues (e.g., humility, forgiveness, self-compassion) * Self control generally, and emotion regulation specifically * Borderline Personality Disorder * Brief interventions for jail inmates * Motivational Interviewing * Mindfulness-based Interventions * Values Affirmations * Restorative Justice-themed Interventions * Reducing Substance Misuse * Reducing HIV risk behavior

  • Natasha A Tonge

    Natasha A Tonge

    Assistant Professor

    minority mental health disparities; trust; self-disclosure; anxiety; patient-provider interactions in adults