Kevin C Ramseur II

Kevin C Ramseur II

Kevin C Ramseur II

Graduate Professional Assistant

Gendered Racism; Mental Health Equity; Qualitative Research; CBPR

Kevin Ramseur II (pronouns: he/him) joined the Clinical Psychology doctoral program in 2020 and is currently a fourth-year student. Kevin serves as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services with the American Psychological Association. For the 2023-24 academic year, he will be working as a psychology extern for the Washington DC VA Medical Center and conducting research out of the Lab for Community Resilience, Empowerment, Action, and Change under Dr. Lauren Cattaneo.

Before coming to George Mason, Kevin was a clinical researcher in the Duke University School of Medicine administering developmental assessments. Kevin would ultimately like to increase access to quality mental health care for underserved populations, and completed a thesis on caregiver-mediated early intervention for children in South Africa. He also interned with the World Health Organization, where he learned from world leaders about the global inequities in mental health and wellness. These experiences molded Kevin’s interests in using community-based participatory research practices to identify, address, and remove structural barriers to health equity in diverse communities.


M.A. in Psychology, George Mason University

M.S. in Global Health, Duke University

B.A. in Psychology, University of Miami