Clinical Psychology Prospective Student Questions

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Do you require the GRE?

Our program has eliminated the GRE General Test for admission. We will NOT accept or consider GRE scores for applications submitted.

When do you plan to conduct interviews for next year's class?

Decisions about interview dates are usually made in November or December. When available, the information on interviews for next year’s class will be updated here.

Should I apply if my sole goal is to become a therapist or counselor?

No. Our program intends to train clinical scientists who are interested in developing a range of skills to work in multiple roles such as researcher, professor, assessor, consultant, administrator, supervisor, and therapist. If your sole goal is to become a therapist, you may want to apply to the George Mason University programs in Counseling (M.A.) in the Education Department or Social Work (MSW)in the School of Social Work. In the Washington, DC area you may also want to consider the Marriage and Family Therapy master's degree program at the northern Virginia campus of Virginia Tech or the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) program at Argosy University in Arlington. You can also search nationally for programs with

On what criteria are applications reviewed?

First, we are interested in applicants' "fit" with the clinical program. We want to attract students who will thrive in a clinical science program and who have the potential to produce published scientific research, inspired teaching, helpful clinical work, and systematic consultation and administration. Also, we are interested in whether or not an applicant's research interests match with the interests of our faculty. Potential faculty mentors review appropriate applicants' files. However, the selection of any student is made by the whole Clinical faculty and applicants are often evaluated for a research fit with more than one faculty member.

Next, we are interested in the strength of the application. An applicant's transcript is evaluated in terms of academic ability and potential. Qualities essential to successful graduate student careers, such as motivation, initiative, curiosity, and perseverance, are typically enumerated in letters of recommendation and personal statements.

Third, we are interested in whether or not applicants are committed to the field of psychology and have tested their interests with relevant research participation and work in mental health and related fields. Overall, we strive to admit applicants who will be satisfied and successful in their chosen field and who have the capability to become leaders in psychology.

Can I make an appointment to talk to a clinical faculty member about the program in general or about his or her research?

Because we receive about 300 applications per year, faculty typically cannot schedule individual appointments with potential applicants. You are always free to email any faculty member with questions about their research, the program, whether or not they are planning to take a student in the next year, etc. As part of our selection process, after completing our review of applications, we invite a small number of applicants (usually around 30-35) to one of our two interview days in the spring semester. At the interview days, applicants have extensive opportunities to speak with multiple faculty members and students.

Who is eligible for financial aid, and how do I apply?

All applicants who are made offers of admission are offered funding packages. A separate application for financial aid from the department is not necessary. However, the Student Financial Aid Office has information about sources of financial assistance that are not controlled directly by the department.

What courses are required for admission to the clinical psychology doctoral program?

Applicants for the PhD with a concentration in clinical psychology are required to have at least 15 credits in psychology, including a statistics course, laboratory science course, and abnormal psychology. Courses in developmental psychology, personality, physiological psychology, and tests and measurements are desirable.

Are there any future changes in the program that the faculty is considering?

No changes anticipated.

What types of internships do your students tend to go to?

Our students obtain a variety of internships, but most are academic medical centers and VA medical centers. See a list of recent internships that our students have secured here.


Which faculty are accepting new PhD students for the Fall 2024 application cycle?

Please review faculty bios for information on who will be accepting students for Fall 2024.